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Main functions of WEDM in engraving milling machine

2020-06-15 H:20:06

Main functions of large taper WEDM of high speed milling manufacturer: Yiming engraving milling machine series WEDM is used for WEDM with large taper. It can process metal mould, avoid metal parts, precision template difficult to machine all conductor objects.

Large taper, large thickness, high efficiency, high precision, new structure, etc. Protection alarm function: automatic protection filament winding, machine tool automatic shutdown, short circuit automatic reverse protection, power-off memory protection, automatic short-circuit alarm, automatic disconnection alarm, automatic shutdown alarm processing, priority processing.

Main structure of large taper tangent machine tool:

The taper host of small gantry engraving milling machine adopts box structure, the product information is calculated based on CAD simulation force stiffness.

1、 Production processing plan is uneven smooth

In the machining of CNC milling machine parts, the deep processing for the surface is a key process, which is often done. The quality of the surface layer is required to be higher. But in the specific production processing, sometimes will get

To uneven only the plan, in accordance with the regulations.

The key reason for this problem is that in the case of deep machining, because the characteristics of the cutting fluid can meet the requirements of production processing, when the cutting speed of the gripper is too fast, the vibration caused by the rapid movement of the NC blade is very easy to give

The relative path of rough surface is left. Sometimes, there are some differences between the tool patterns between the two adjacent fine engraving softwares, which is caused by the different drilling directions of the drill tools. To prevent this problem, we should choose the production processing of full smooth milling

Methods special cutting fluid was used.

2、 The flank of finish milling is excessively obvious

In the production processing of CNC milling machine products, basically every product workpiece is required to finish milling the side, in many cases, there will be a problem that the flank of precision milling is excessively obvious, which is definitely allowed to appear

More serious harm to the appearance of the product workpiece. The key reason for this problem is the poor selection of the position of feeding feeding the main parameters. Different production processing mobile phone software will show different cutting methods. However, the deep selection of showing the cutting tool also has the selection of the main parameters of the tool in out. In addition, due to the lack of extreme pressure wear resistance, the floating oil splits instantly in the production process, resulting in scratches on the workpiece.




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