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Engraving milling machine manufacturers for you to briefly describe the principle of several effects of laser cutting machine

2020-06-14 H:52:45

As a new tool, large CNC engraving milling machine is becoming more more mature in laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, Yiming engraving machine other industries.

1. Hydrodynamic effect: for example, the new er CR YSGG laser is mainly used to generate high-speed hydrodynamic force of water molecules. It is easy for water molecules to absorb the laser energy at this wavelength, but it will damage the bond structure of water molecules.

2. Temperature effect: soft tissue cutting is mainly realized through this effect. When the temperature is between 370 ℃ 600 ℃, the tissue will change. When the temperature exceeds 600 ℃, the tissue will coagulate stop bleeding. When the temperature exceeds 1000 ℃, the water between cells will evaporate the remaining dehydrated tissue will be carbonized.

3. Mechanical effect: the ability of Yiming high-speed engraving milling machine is caused by temperature effect, but by the energy evaporation of water in the tissue, which leads to the increase of pressure in the tissue.

The application of Longmen CNC machining center has solved many customers' headache problems. With the development of high-tech, the requirements for the precision high efficiency of many products have become higher higher, the traditional mechanical equipment production has long been

We can't think about it, so that we can achieve the standard. We need to consume a lot of human resources to operate. The increase of cost is also no profit to talk about in the fierce natural environment here. Therefore, it is a long time for many companies to get rid of the predicament

The current situation in.

The application of Longmen CNC machining center can deal with this problem very well. This kind of machine equipment belongs to a kind of high precision high-speed running commodity. It is necessary to explore the structure of imported spindle bearing computer operating system, ball screw other spare parts

It is more stable can be integrated into the application requirements of different manufacturing industries. It shows advantages in long-term production, processing manufacturing. It is worth mentioning that the machine can continuously automatically carry out cutting, reaming, hole expanding, automatic machining of surface layers of products

Boring, punching, tapping, cutting other various production processes, up to 10 kinds of production processing methods, greatly improving the operation of machinery equipment.

Therefore, it is necessary to Longguang CNC machining center for production manufacturing. If you are still hesitating still keep a fixed mode of thinking, it is easy for you to develop. Please leave a message online to master the efficient production processing of dragons

Management center CNC lathe commodity bar! Let your production manufacturing more simple, for you to create economic benefits is also everyone's original intention.




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