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Common problems analysis of CNC engraving milling machine

2020-06-14 H:20:53

The software sent by the large CNC engraving milling machine can be opened normally, the carving products are abnormal.

1. Re install new system software;

Check whether the screws screws of x-axis y-axis are loose;

3. There is something wrong with the cutter.

In the process of small CNC engraving milling machine, the spindle motor suddenly stops decelerates

1. The working voltage with stabilizer is unstable overload;

2. The engraving machine manufacturer shall check whether the middle line is connected correctly whether the thread head is desoldered.

When the origin is set, the distance sometimes moves forward right

1. The limit switch fails. When the system returns to the origin of the system, the limit switch is closed opened.

2. The lane is loose trying to tighten.

Position of x-axis, Y-axis z-axis when starting reset

1. The limit switch is broken (the limit switch is always closed), in other words;

2. Bad driving circuit (x-axis 14 - 15-pin short-circuit, Y-axis 13 - 15-pin short-circuit, z-axis 31- 15-pin short-circuit), replace the drive line pin short-circuit

Road separation;

3. If the drive plate is broken, replace it.

CNC milling machine spindle station

1. Internal short circuit of spindle;

2. Current shielding;

3. Wrong parameter setting self failure of frequency converter;

4. Control card failure;

5. The spindle data line is short circuited.

17. Normal rotation of CNC engraving machine spindle

1. Error in frequency converter;

2. The spindle does rotate;

3. The spindle itself has problems (bearing damage).




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