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Application of numerical control engraving milling machine for WEDM

2020-06-14 H:10:56

1: Widely used in all kinds of large CNC gantry milling stamping die processing.

2: Small CNC machining center has micro holes, narrow slots complex shapes of workpieces

3: Process templates formation tools.

4: Processing powder metallurgy, mosaic cavity, drawing die, corrugated plate forming

5: Processing hard materials, slicing cutting precious metals.

6: Machining cam, special gear.

7: It is suitable for small batch multi variety parts processing, reducing mold production cost shortening production cycle.

8: It can be used for machining parts of materials, various kinds of holes, etc.

9: Fine structure, special grooves standard defects can be machined.

10: When a new product is tested by the high-speed engraving milling machine manufacturer, the parts can be cut directly in the blank.

11: In the processing of thin sheets, multiple sheets can be superimposed

CNC milling machine can be divided into column type vertical vertical horizontal dual-purpose CNC machine tools. The application of CNC milling machine is more more common, the key features are as follows

1. With this function, the CNC lathe can carry out the production processing of drilling, reaming, boring hole as long as the positioning point operation is required.

2. According to the radius compensation of the parallel line arc cutter, the CNC lathe can complete the continuous wheel bottom control of the tool path. The production processing comes the plane drawing induction work composed of the parallel line the national arc

According to the plan, it can also be produced processed according to parallel lines circles. In addition, some indoor space ramps can also be produced processed.

3. With this function, the NC blade management center can easily write carry forward the program according to the appearance specification of the practical activities of the product workpiece in the current medical history, while in the production processing, the NC blade management center can actively violate the induction of product workpiece

This function can also be used to compensate the specification precision error leakage of the production manufacture of the war blade according to the method of changing the semi compensation amount of the NC blade, expand the scope of the NC blade diameter adoption

CNC blade maintenance grinding agreed error.

4. The application of the tool length compensation function can actively change the height width ratio of the drilling plan, reduce the precision of the length length specifications of the NC blade in the production maintenance, compensate for the error leakage of the axial tool setting.

5. The production processing of pin image is also called central symmetric production processing. As for the product workpiece with symmetrical appearance of individual system, if the production processing program flow of half appearance is compiled by using this function, all production processing can be completed.

6. When drilling, expanding, reaming milling the product workpiece with the function of fixed fixed fixed cycle system, the root pressing posture of the production processing is that the NC blade reaches the hole spacing quickly before cutting, the cutting tool moves slowly returns quickly

The special [] overall planning one-stage program can be started when required to complete the production processing cycle system, especially when processing many identical holes, the application of the fixed fixed cycle system can greatly simplify the program flow.




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