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Machine tool industry: how to break the situation of high speed engraving milling machine

2020-06-15 H:06:42

China is the country with the largest number of CNC engraving machine manufacturers in the world. However, due to the large gap between domestic CNC machine tools foreign imported equipment in design, materials, technology parts processing, the production capacity of domestic CNC machine tools is very low, a large number of CNC machine tools need to be imported abroad every year. In the future, the development trend of machine tool industry will be towards automation, intelligence environmental protection.

The emergence of intelligent CNC machine tools can effectively liberate people, improve the production efficiency of enterprises, reduce unnecessary labor costs, make the machine tools achieve more accurate efficient processing in the production process. Tang, manager of Rongtian precision machinery Dongguan branch in 2015, said that the emergence of intelligent CNC machine tools has created conditions for the production automation of equipment manufacturing industry in the future. Guangdong Yiming carving milling machine combines precision manufacturing technology with computer network technology, which is the main direction of machine tool development in the future. In the working process, the intelligent machine tool can monitor, diagnose correct all kinds of deviations in the production process comprehensively all the time, which provides a scheme for the optimal production real-time adjustment that traditional machine tools cannot complete. According to Tang, intelligent machine tools can effectively improve the production efficiency of enterprises. Compared with traditional machine tools, the production of precision parts is more convenient efficient. At the same time, it can effectively reduce the scrap rate production cost.

In addition, highly automated intelligent machine tool design can reduce labor costs, high-speed engraving milling machine gives people time energy to deal with more problems that intelligent machine tools can solve, which is a very important step in the transformation of traditional manufacturing industry. Rabbit to the cumbersome operation, will more people the repeated mechanical labor liberation, close to automation even realize all automation. According to the relevant analysis, the development of information technology its integration with traditional machine tools make machine tools develop in the direction of digitization, integration intelligence. The application space of digital manufacturing equipment, digital production line digital chemical plant will be larger larger. Intelligent technology is used to realize intelligent decision-making, process adaptive control, error compensation intelligent control, complex surface plus I motion trajectory optimization control, fault self diagnosis intelligent maintenance information integration. However, although China has been committed to the development of intelligent machine tools with independent intellectual property rights, there is still a fixed gap between China's industrial production that of large countries at this stage. The lack of patent technology is still the main reason restricting the development of intelligent machine tools in China.




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