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Pre sale after sale service

1、 Maitos has a number of offices in the country, which can provide users with more professional, fast effective product sales technical services.

2、 Free proofing for users (divided into company internal proofing user site proofing), so that users have a more intuitive understanding judgment on the performance applicability of the equipment.

3、 According to the needs characteristics of users, we provide flexible convenient training services for users

1. The training center of maitos headquarters is equipped with professional experienced trainers. We will develop corresponding training programs according to the characteristics of users, provide free operation training software training.

2. User on-site training can provide short-term application training according to the actual situation of users.

4、 Technical support:

1. Assist users to develop solve the process problems encountered in CNC machining process, provide timely effective technical support for users at any time.

2. When the number of purchased machine tools reaches a certain number, it can provide resident service provide more efficient on-site technical guidance for users.

5、 Irregular home visit: timely understand the problems encountered by users constantly improve them.

6、 Fast effective maintenance service, 24-hour service commitment, spare parts stock guarantee.