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Rust treatment of guide rail of high speed precision carving machine

2020-06-15 H:13:25

Yiming engraving machine generally adopts linear guide rail with high surface precision high brightness. At first glance, many people think that the guideway is made of stainless steel. In fact, this is a mistake for many people because stainless steel cannot be used for the function of precision linear guide of large-scale high-speed engraving milling machine, so iron-based materials such as guide rail will rust. If the guide rail surface is used properly, how to deal with it if the guide rail of your engraving milling machine is corroded?

The first is to prevent: the corrosion of the guide rail has a fatal impact on the overall performance of the machine tool, so we should prevent this phenomenon. Conduct regular inspection maintenance for each axial guide rail of Yiming CNC engraving milling machine. If any abnormal phenomenon is found, handle it in time find out deal with the root cause of the problem.

Second, timely discovery: when your engraving milling machine uses water-based cutting fluid for processing, especially for CNC milling machine parts, pay attention to the normal track detection, because the water-based cutting fluid corrodes the guide rail. Timely detection of problems can effectively prevent the development of corrosion.

Domestic CNC lathe is still in the minds of many people is still a poor quality image logo, so what is the reason for domestic CNC lathe? It has been criticized by everyone! What countermeasures should we adjust change

What's more, Daheng net editor will discuss with you today the reasons for the poor quality of domestic CNC lathes the Countermeasures for improvement. First of all, we will analyze the root causes of the poor quality of domestic CNC lathes?

-The level of key components of supporting facilities is high. CNC lathe manufacturing industry has been in the world economic cycle system circle for a long time. In addition to individual conditions, there are very few key components that are difficult to buy

All components are imported components, the quality is certain to be better. In fact, for a perfect excellent CNC lathe company, has the whole equipment cost-effective, component quality is very good? This is typical for their own goods

It's the real reason why the quality is ideal.

2、 Less investment in R & D unscientific design scheme. China's CNC lathes are generally imitated overseas CNC lathes. This is to say that it is easy for us to innovate independently, but we just want to be eager for quick success instant benefit surpass the curve. But I don't know, because there is certain

The accumulation of technology can be leapfrogged in a short period of time. Let alone achieve the 80% level of overseas CNC lathes, many of them can't even reach the level of 50% in Chengdu City. Even if the milling machines purchased overseas CNC lathes are used to assemble the whole equipment, the quality is still different

Small. The reason for the low investment in R & D is the polarization caused by the poor competitiveness operation capacity of domestic CNC lathes, the direct cause of poor quality is the combination of rings.

3、 Numerical control lathe is counterfeited, bad money drives out bad money, only to reduce the quality of the war. Overseas CNC lathes have solid quality high price. They have been driven away by bad currency. None of this reason was created.

4、 The machinery equipment of China's gear plants are out of date. It is typical of the old consciousness, now most of China's CNC lathe company's machine equipment is very good, some even global - stream. On the contrary, some CNC lathe companies in Europe have original machines equipment

In the beginning, the small-scale processing plant of 50-60 people had only a number of radial drilling machines. However, they built global CNC lathes then sold them to China machine tool companies as machine tools.




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